Sunday, January 10, 2010

3:30 a.m. Pregnant Ramblings

My pregnant body wants to get up almost every morning at 3:30 am and eat. It's awesome! I get to roll out of bed, half asleep, and stare at the refrigerator for 5 minutes trying to think of something that will fill me up, without making my behind even bigger. Right now it's blackberry yoghurt and a banana.
It's been nice, though, because then I get to catch up on emails, write on my blog, check status's on Facebook, and get a little break from the kiddos!

Little Odin-ator is sleeping mostly through the night (thank goodness) for the third night in a row! He's also taking the initiative to pee on his toilet when he feels the urge. Today I finally set the timer for every 35 minutes to remind us to remind him to try going pee again. When it comes to potty training I am usually the lazy one.

I went shopping yesterday and bought some new, cute PJ's so I could start fresh without wearing the ones I was wearing when I was nauseous all the time. I feel great already!
I wore them to the supermarket and an old lady felt inclined to say, "Nice pants! If I ran into anyone I knew I'd be mortified." Thanks old lady--at 80 years old you should have the audacity to wear anything you want! I will. Oh wait--I do!

(I would expect a comment if they looked something like this!)

I had an awesome dream the other night about full-moon surfing. (Not mooning people while I surf, but surfing under the full moon, sillies!) That used to be one of my favorite things to do. The way the moon sparkles on the ocean at night, while riding down a wave, makes you feel like you're gliding down a disco ball. It's a very surreal experience! One time while out surfing a place called Kammie-land on a full moon, it started raining so hard that I could barely see my hand in front of my face. I still remember feeling so scared and totally fascinated at the same time; like the rain was going to engulf me, but the ocean was holding me up. I hope that happens again someday.

One of my other favorite things to do is read books to my kids. We never grow tired of the Little Critter series, by Mercer Mayer. Maybe perhaps because he is so real-He makes lots of mistakes, but he is part of a family that loves him. Just like us!

I am on a crunchy salad-kick right now! The crunchier the lettuce, the better! Micah is busily counting up my protein for the day and making sure I get 80-100 grams. He is constantly asking me if I am doing my kegels, getting my daily exercise, and squatting instead of bending! He knows that I can get lazy, and keeping up on these things will make me happy in the long run.

One of my favorite things about birthing is that it is like getting ready for a marathon. The Bradley Method explains that labor is like an athletic event that requires having energy and stamina. You need to train for this event, just like any other sport. Sitting on my behind for 9 months isn't going to do me any good when I am walking around for 12 hours or so, in labor. I could be walking around for hours, changing pushing positions, bracing myself for many, many contractions, waiting to push this next baby out--I need to stay on top of my exercise! I appreciate Micah for nagging me, even on my couchy days.

Maybe next week we will make our first pre-natal appointment and try to hear little fetus's heartbeat. The fetus-scope won't pick it up until 14 weeks or so, so we haven't tried yet. However, I am feeling very much pregnant. I had another dream we were having twins and I was so excited! Then I woke up. :)

We came home the other day and Micah was shampooing the carpets in our home. I guess he reached his breaking point. It's funny how we both have our breaking points for how far we'll let something go before we HAVE to clean it. I guess he couldn't stand the carpets anymore. They smell so fresh and so clean now, and have a a beautiful orange sheen I never realized!!

Okay-it's been so long now that I have to go back for more food. The life of a pregnant Mama at 3--oh wait--4:30 am now! Yikes!


Philip, Melissa, & Summer said...

Congrats on another baby. That is exciting. I think that is great that Micah keeps you up to date on your well-being.

Let me know what you are having.

Melodie said...

3:30! Ack! I woke up at 3:30 last night too but wouldn't dream of leaving my warm snuggy place. I love how you always find the positive/see the positive. in all situations.

ashley said...

i can't sleep very well when i am pregnant either! got to love the pregnancy dreams- night surfing?!? love it! hope you guys get back to hawaii soon, you need to be here, it's in your soul

chelsea mckell said...

You are even more hilarious at 3:30am.

Full-moon.... loved it.