Friday, January 1, 2010


I've been feeling like the Winter Scrooge lately, walking around cursing the cold, cursing the snow, cursing anything that reminds me that Spring is still 3 1/2 months away! It's been a real struggle to enjoy this Winter Season thus far, and it's starting to feel disouraging! One day last week it was snowing outside, and through the windows all I could see was gray clouds. I went outside to get a breath of fresh air, and looked up and down my street. It was empty and desolate of any life forms. There were tracks in the snow from a cat that had just passed through, and that was it. I started to cry.

Then it hit me why I struggle with Winter. It's not the snow, or the cold. In fact, I think it's really, quite beautiful, and I have so many fun memories of Winters past! What I don't like is the absence of people. For someone like me, who draws energy from being around other people, it becomes absolute torture to feel so alone all the time. Sure it was easy to get out and about before, but with kids it's a whole other ball game. The parks are empty, the streets are barren. Where there were once children laughing and playing, and families going for walks, is replaced by cold, darkened streets. Playgroups are put on hold, friends are away for the Holidays, neighbors don't come out to say hello, and children don't last very long outside, even when we do get out.
It's pure agony for me! I need Summer! I need long, warm days sitting in the backyard, eating picnics and soaking up the sunshine! I need park dates with friends, and running around the grass all day. I need to enjoy my wonderful kids outside the confines of our house!

So, since I can't make Winter go away, I decided one possibility and three solutions:
1. I could go join a giant, family commune, where people work together in unity all the seasons long. Thus, I will never feel lonely.
2. I will force my friends to feel sorry for me and hang out with me more.
3. I will savor the sunny days and get outside as much as possible; sledding, walking, etc...
4. I will be so grateful that my husband is finally going to be home every day starting today! Woo hoooo!!!!

Just trying to let go of the Bah-humbugs, and enjoy the moments. :)


Melodie said...

I wish I could come visit you Sally. We've only had one snowfall here all season and it was gone in a few hours. I like your idea about a giant family commune. I imagine cooking dinner with a bunch of other moms in the wintertime while a nice warm fire burns somewhere would be a wonderful thing to do.

Unknown said...

Hawaii here you come. . . in the meantime, I miss you. Can't wait that long so must come visit you sooooon.

Sally Jackson said...

Yes....that big warm fire, whilst knitting mittens and cooking soup, and yakking with the Mama friends. Wonderful!