Sunday, January 31, 2010

Custom-Laptop bag

I made a Laptop bag. Yes, a bag that holds a laptop computer. Not something I ever imagined sewing, but I am proud of the finished product.
Micah needed a laptop for student teaching, so we broke down and bought one. (thank you, student loans).
However, he was much more inclined to commission me to create a holder for him,than going out and buying a fancy one. So, this bag is a product of Micah's design, and my sewing. It is canvas on the outside with fleece interior, the pattern copied from a smaller bag we already had. Oh- the things we can create together! Two cute kids, and now--a laptop bag!

p.s. Don't you think the dinosaur fabric is perfect for a high school biology teacher?


chelsea mckell said...


We moved here from Vernal, where dinosaurs were totally "in." He would totally be THE most popular teacher there.

Rebekah said...

I love it! Oh yeah, Grant has requested a pencil holder thing for his birthday. Can I get a tutorial this week by chance?

The Estrogen Files said...

Love it!!