Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our new Puppy (named Zadok)

Our hilarious child has been asking a lot lately if he can be our pet puppy. "Of course, Zadok, you can be our puppy," I always say. (Why are we asking? I love it!) He then goes on to do a plethora of fancy dog tricks, begs for treats, pants heavily, and lets me scratch his ears.

This kid cracks me up. Seriously. He takes imagination to a whole new level. Thank goodness he hasn't peed on the floor or chewed up my favorite shoes. However, here is one of my favorite conversations, as we were getting into bed several weeks ago. (Micah was at work)

Z: Mom, Can I be your little pet puppy?
Me: Yes, of course, Zadok.
Z: Well, then, Can I sleep at the foot of the bed, rolled up on a pillow?
Me: Sure, Zadok, but won't you get cold down there?
Z: No, I have fur.
Me: But, you don't really have fur.
Z: But I can pretend to have fur.
Me: Yes, you can, but I'm worried you'll get cold. Can you wear a blanket over you?
Z: No, puppies don't wear blankets.
Me: HhhhhMMmmmmmmm....
Z: I KNOW! I could wear my dog costume Grandma sent me!
Me: Okay........

Fast forward to 3am. Puppy has been sleeping at the foot of the bed so far...

Z: MOM!!!!!!!
Me: What? What? Whats going on Zadok?
Z: Get this costume off of me!!!!

Puppy then gets under blankets, cuddles with Mom, and falls fast asleep. ZzzzzzZZzzz.

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