Thursday, January 28, 2010


One of my favorite people on the planet stopped by this past weekend as she was road-tripping past my town.
I met Wendy my first semester in college and it changed everything. I was starting a new life in a strange place; feeling lonely, home-sick, culture-shocked, and somewhat depressed...and here comes the most free spirited, unconventional, hillariously funny person ever. She was huge breath of fresh air and a light. I don't know anyone that doesn't love Wendy Diehl..I mean Singer.

Here's 17 more things I love about Wendy:

She laughs at everything.
She lived in a tree the middle of Winter.
She broke her arm once, so then she decided to shave her long hair so she didn't have to fix it everyday.
She likes to be homeless.
She painted the hugest Bob Marley mural on her bedroom wall once.
She loves all things Hawaii and spent many nights sleeping on the beach there for fun.
She hates Santa Claus.
She talks about everyone like they're her best friend, even if she only met them once, or hasn't seen them for years and years.
She nurtures and helps those who need her. She's the best child mentor ever!
She finds humor in the normally mundane things of life.
Her family is very important. I think everyone who knows Wendy, knows all her cousins names by now.
She loves her friend's kids, and they warm up to her easily.
She married her perfect match.
She talks a lot on the phone so you have to watch your minutes. But on the other hand, you never want to get off because she is telling you hillarious stories.
She has a unique, funky style and artistic flaire.
She wore the raddest shoes at her wedding. (See below)
She makes you relax and take life a little less seriously when you're around her.

Everyone needs a Wendy.


Wendy said...

You're soooo sweet!!! Mahalo!!! I've been contemplating lately about the 180 my life has done since i've been married. The biggest adjustment has been living indoors, which seems like it would be easy, but thinking about not living outdoors again doesn't seem like an option or at least one i'd like to deal with. I told Dan that it's been a year since i've lived outside and I generally don't make it more than a year or two between adventures and he said, "Ok just let me know before you go." I have a wonderful understanding husband. Thanks again for the pick me up and for being such a wonderful friend, it was so good to see you guys again. Mahalo, and welcome to the PCC.

Wendy said...

I need a Wendy in my life!! Actually, for the past couple of months all I can do it think about running out side in the fresh air... but I don't even have a yard! And it's L.A.

Actually, one of my best friends is a Wendy and she keeps me from becoming sane most of the time. I always know who to call if I need to run barefoot down a hill screaming!!! Yay to all the Wendy's out there:)

Unknown said...

I remember Wendy very well. She IS memorable. First from when I arrived at your Provo big house, then while we were getting it all ready for your wedding reception and finally, after everyone had left except me (meaning all our family members & you off on your honeymoon), while I had a later flight and I stayed in your room with Wendy. She was so nice to me and yes, fun!!! I'm glad she came to visit you.