Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Presidents Day!

I went on my first date with Micah 6 years ago, on Presidents day! Remember the story?
I'm so glad that we met and made a family together! What more do I need? My husband and my kids are my reason for being--everything else is just icing on the cake. And this is one delicious cake!!

Every Presidents day I remind Micah that this is the exact day we finally met, face to face. But then he just likes to remind me about how I drove the wrong way down the street when he was trying to tell me which way to go, and I wasn't listening to him at all, but he decided to marry me anyways. So romantic! (big smile) Then I remind him that he was putting way too much salt on his burritto the whole time we were talking, but I decided to marry him anyways.

Happy Presidents day! And love and marriage and all that oooey gooey stuff.


Laura Hopper, Midwife said...

Sally - what a sweet story, but the real reason I am commenting is because I just have to tell you how amazing you look. Your belly is just beautiful!!!

chelsea mckell said...

Too much salt on his burrito? Yeah - that takes serious TRUE love to overlook that weird habit....

I'm glad you linked to the original story - I'm going to go read it!