Friday, February 12, 2010

Healing Sunshine!

We have many beautiful, sunny days here. One of our favorite things to do is find a bit of bike path that follows the river, and explore!

We find bridges, and snow tracks, river rocks, and sticks. All of the things that little kids love to pick up, play with, and make up funny games. I love to walk along the path and look up at the great, big mountains. The sun on my face is refreshing and healing after a long day indoors.

If we are outside when the sun goes down, I have a daily mantra I like to say. It goes like this, "Goodbye Sun. Thank you for another beautiful day. We'll see you again tomorrow."
It is short and sweet, but I like to say it, and have been saying it for the past couple of years. Now Zadok says it with me, too. I think it reminds me to be grateful for the miracle of the sun, and to acknowledge that we are aware of it's daily presence in our lives.

Happy Sunshine!


Amanda Mayer said...

This is so sweet- this song came into my head when I read it.

Here comes the sun (du nud du du)
Here comes the sun and I say
It's alright
Little darlings
It's been a long cold lonely winter
Little darlings
It seems like years since you've been here
Here comes the sun


Tami H. said...

Sunshine in the winter (or anytime) is therapuetic! We don't get much sun during the winter time her in Ohio, (like 1 or 2 days out of 3 weeks sometimes), but the days we do, I love it!!

Sally Jackson said...

Here comes the sun......LOVE that song! Thanks Amy!
And Tami--I didn't know that about Ohio. Hang in there-Spring is around the corner!

chelsea mckell said...

Well then you'll love the weather report - go online and check it out - we have the next 5 days looking just as beautiful as today way! Then some rain/snow... but Spring is SO close!!

Unknown said...

BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS! and I love/adore my grandsons!!!