Friday, February 5, 2010

The Power of WE

This tiny, powerful, little word has meant a lot to me lately. "WE."
I've made it somewhat of a mantra as I've been trying to be more patient and present with my children. I admit to having meltdowns at times, but they're completely my fault! You see, I'm the kind of person that likes to take on too many responsibilities at one time. My mind gets rolling and suddenly I can do this, and that, and be here, and be there, and clean that, and fix this, and sew that, and then all of a sudden I'm frustrated with my kids for not allowing ME my freedom.

Yes, there are a lot of things to do, and yes, I actually have to do most of them. But, when I begin to separate ME from WE, I end up feeling chaotic and frustrated. As a stay at home Mama with young kids, I've made it my goal to teach them, learn with them, explore with them, and be ever-present in their young, growing years. I've found that I can't do this when the chasm between ME and WE grows so deep, that there doesn't seem to be a bridge of unity to cross. There's ME on one side, with my big, long list of things to do, and then there's THEM on the other side, waiting for me, staring at me, aching for me to play with them, teach them, be here for them. I don't want the gap between us to get so big, that I can't enjoy doing what I love most--being a Mother! I want to bring us all together and be one, today.

When I remember that WE are together each day, and how important each day is, I learn to let go of all the ME's and find happiness in the WE's. It has helped me so much in getting even the tedious, little errands done, because I know WE are doing them together. My kids feel included in everything I do, from buying food at the store, to scrubbing the bathroom toilet, because it is WE.

We are going to the store today and we are buying groceries. We are going visiting teaching today. We are dropping mail off at the post office. We are going to the bank. We are making blankets for humanitarian aid. We are going to exercise group. We are are going to Girls Achievement Days today. We are driving to the Landlords to drop off the rent. We are running to the store because we forgot to buy eggs. We are cleaning the house now. We are tidying up the toy room. We are preparing dinner. We are going to our pre-natal appointment. We are baking bread today. We are scrubbing the walls everywhere that Odin scribbled. We are going down the street to say hi to neighbors. We are going to the store to buy laundry detergent, toilet paper, etc. We are going to the park to play! We are calling Grandma to say hi. We are helping to clean our church today. We are winding down now and getting ready for bed. We are reading books and going to sleep.

I know that as they get older they won't be a part of my every day life. The separation between ME and WE will only get wider as they make those baby steps to older child independence. However, right now there are so many opportunities for me to teach them and grow with them, as we're together each and every day.
When I remember how powerful that little word WE can be, it really changes my attitude and my whole day.

When those days come that Micah and I switch off for breaks, or get a babysitter I am truly grateful for all the ME time I can get! But, then I come back to my wonderful family and WE are together once again.

p.s. WE is always a work in progress. I never claim to have all the answers, just some good ones that work for us.


arianne said...

So well said.

ashley said...

the power of We. i like that. all you said is so true, i tend to do the same thing and have to step back often and reflect as well. but at least we take the time to look at what we have and appreciate and enjoy it!

tracy said...

I love, love, love this! Thank you for sharing these thoughts - they are exactly what I needed to hear today!

Love you!