Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bon Voyage, Crawdads!

Last week we took our pet crawdads down to the river and let them free. They had been surviving in our living room aquarium all Winter long, all warm, cozy, and well fed. We caught them down by the river 6 months ago, and thought it would be a fun/educational experience for the boys.

However, for those of you that come over regularly, you've probably heard me tell you how much I hated those crawdads--staring at me with their beady eyes, and haunting me with their creepy, crawly pincers! I couldn't wait to throw em' back in the river where they came from!! Bwahahah Bwahahahaa! (evil, vengeful laugh)

Run little crayfish! Run and be free!!
(I even left them with a nice, big, piece of pork as a parting gift)

Well, I finally got my chance--and then took everyone straight to the pet store to get some furry, fuzzy, little mice. We love them so much!! One is named "Peanut Butter" and the other is "Jelly Sauce". Named after Zadok's favorite foods, I suppose.

Here's to non-freaky, creepy, little spider-like animals living in my front room! And instead, some stinky, little fur balls that we call pets. :)

By the way, thanks Dad for the "pet" hampster you sent. Although it skitters around the house, makes squeaky noises, and feels furry and cute, I think the kids knew right away, the difference between a pet that is real and one that takes batteries. Ha ha!
They love it! We'll put it in the cage when the mice die.


Hilary-Dilary-Dock said...

Oh Sally! Better hope and pray those mice are incapable of reproduction! I remember at one point growing up, I counted 17 gerbils in one cage in our house (including babies and everything!) Yikes! Lots of little mouths to feed!

Sally Jackson said...

Ha ha. We got two females, so I think we should be okay. :)