Friday, March 5, 2010


I wrote a nice, long post on here, then felt in my heart of hearts that some things are better left written for my personal journal.
Some day I want to print off my blog and add it to my journal.

I keep a personal journal filled with all the cute, funny, and mind-blowing stuff my kids say each week. I hold those things close to my heart.
I write about my life, my marriage, my spirituality, and the deepest secrets and desires of my heart. Those things are for my posterity to read, so they know who their great-great-great-great grandmother was. ha ha. Or I guess my kids can read it when I'm old.

I have been journaling since I was old enough to write. There's definitely something therapeutic about putting words on paper, and letting the ink flow. I keep thinking I should ditch the hardcovers and start journaling on the computer, but it's just not the same as ink. Creativity and emotions have a way of letting themselves free, when I give them a piece of paper.

I like blogging. It gives my friends and family an insight into my life--without boring you with all the details!

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