Thursday, March 18, 2010

Local Inspiration

We have quite the amazing group of mothers who come to our local chapter of La Leche League. I am proud to be a part of their experiences, as we meet each month to discuss breastfeeding, mothering, and life in general! The meetings are only an hour 1/2 long, but they leave me with a high for the rest of the week!

This past year we've had quite the eclectic group of breastfeeding mothers, each with her own story of inspiration to share. A variety of women show up each month, and sometimes we never know what little pieces of their lives we can bring home with us!

In general, we have moms nursing newborns, moms nursing twins, moms nursing toddlers, moms tandem nursing, moms pregnant and nursing, moms who need help nursing, moms who give help with nursing, moms who are working and nursing, moms who struggle through nursing, moms re lactating after a nursing hiatus, moms who come to learn about nursing their future babies........and on and on.

We had a Mom this past year have a baby born with cleft lip palate. He really struggled with latching on, and went through a battle of surgeries, bottles, and discouraging relatives, before he finally got it! They are now nursing great..after 5 months of practice! Talk about perseverance and dedication!

Only a small percentage (about 3%) of women can't make milk, due to hormonal deficiencies. However, we know at LLL, that with a little information, education, support, and determination, the other 97% can.

It's great to be around women who won't take no for an answer.
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redrockmama said...

Loved this post :)

chelsea mckell said...

ditto to Erika. What has been most impressive to me about our group is the trials some women have overcome to be FT breastfeeders. One of the LLL articles I read said BFing is 90% confidence and 10% patience. Do you agree? I'd think closer 50-50... but maybe I'm over analyzing :)

And I feel totally famous now that I've made a cameo on your blog :) I might steal that picture for my own LLL post.