Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Collect Skirts

My Dad came out to visit last September and bought me two, beautiful skirts. He only asked that, in return, I blog about my skirt obsession. So, funny Dad-- It has taken me awhile, but here it is:

I lovest my skirts!
I love their vibrant colors and diversified fabrics of joy.
Long skirts, short skirts, flowy skirts, stiff skirts,
beaded skirts, wrap-around skirts, black skirts, tie-dye skirts;
all of them are special to me.
I wear them all year long,
it doesn't matter if there's rain or snow.
Each skirt makes me feel happy,
except for when they snag and rip on some sharp object.
I buy them at thrift stores, or yard sales, or funky stores I spot around town.
Some are hand-me-downs from old friends.
One of my favorite skirts belonged to my friends Mother,
an old, rainbow-sparkly, hippie skirt from the 60's.
She is dead now, but not her skirt!
I've sewed two skirts.
There are 3 on the mending table, waiting to be worn again.
Maternity skirts and regular skirts--I wear them all.

Skirts mean freedom, movement, fresh air.
They mean feeling dressed up on a frumpy day.
Skirts never go out of fashion.
Skirts look great on men, too.

I like the way the flowy ones fold around me when I sit down--
like a lovely tortilla wrapping up it's favorite food.
I like the way skirts make me feel; pretty, feminine, easy-going, relaxed.

And that's why I love skirts.


Laura Hopper, Midwife said...

I <3 skirts too!
I won't wear them when it is cold though...I hate being cold. LOL
Love your collection!

Going Full Hippie said...

just one more thing we have in common. :o) I love skirts, for much the same reasons as you. They make me feel so beautiful!! And they are so easy to make that I am always making more. I love your skirts, so beautiful and vibrant!

arianne said...

These look even better on you. What a great collection!

chelsea mckell said...

I dare you to wear one to aerobics =)

ps - I made sure your pink weights were in the closet on Thursday. They'll be waiting for you!