Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Babywearing Workshop Recap

I was so busy at the workshop--I forgot to take pictures--except for two, at the very, very end. However, what I can't say in photographs, I can say in words!
The workshop was a huge success!
A few really awesome things were: that we had people come from the community that I had never met before, that everyone who came seemed to really need it and want to learn, that there was a really good, positive vibe in the room, and everyone had fun! My favorite part was that we had about 4 Moms who were due this week-- and very eager to learn new ways to care for their new babies. What an exciting journey babywearing will be for them!

Micah was a huge help, as well, making sure our kids were happy, and helping with his personal favorite carrier-the Mei-tai. I was grateful I had Sonja and Erika helping, too, because there was one point where I was like, "This is a babywearing frenzy!" Wraps, ring-slings, mei-tais, pouches, flying everywhere... then happy, sleeping babies settling in for naps.

A first-time babywearing Mama trying on a wrap. Seems to work out wonderfully, i think!

The last of our lingering crowd:

We will definitely have to make this a tradition, and do these as much as we can!
Happy Babywearing!


Sarah said...

Yay! So sorry I couldn't make it! Glad it turned out so well and you were able to help so many. Go Sally!! :)

Sally Jackson said...

Hey thanks for helping out by lending those slings! I hope to make this a trend and keep doing them every 6 months or so.