Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Betcha didn't know.......

These kid's smiles can light up my whole day!

That Disneyland is much funner when it's free, especially when the Spring Break crowd is there, and lines are long. But, we had fun, fun, fun!! Look at these happy faces:

That I am a large, large, woman, whose swimsuit doesn't really fit.

That this little cousin, Aleksandr, is the cutest!! And we got to see him blessed last week in CA.

That our kids love playing with their family in CA. And Uncle Aaron makes a cool fireman.

That we made a goal to finish the entire Book of Mormon by July 15th. And already my life feels happier, more balanced, more spiritually driven; finding strength in Jesus Christ.

That we have no idea where we will be living 5 months from now, and I'm not sure I like it. But I know a few things for certain: We will all be together. We will meet new people and explore new places. We will have a secure income. We will still make our kids brush their teeth every day.

That I have stopped hoping our baby is a girl, and am just accepting the fact that it could be a boy. But, just in case i am sending these vibes into the universe:

That I am so grateful to God for everything he does for me. I have been really inspired by this blog lately. Lost their baby at 10 weeks old. How could you live? They have shared their journey with everyone, and give people strength in their experiences. Thank you to these wonderful people for sharing.

Have a blessed day my friends! :)


Andi-roo said...

oh sure, put up the picture that i didn't know i was in when you took it...it was so much fun seeing you guys again! i put up some pictures of your little guys on my blog, hope that's okay. oh, and it's aleksandr, no e.

Sally Jackson said...

Okay I changed your e in Aleksandr! And sorry, but the baby wasn't looking at the camera in the other shot! I think you guys look cute! Going to your blog now.

redrockmama said...

Love the D'land pictures!! I'm so glad you guys had a good time. Look at that prego belly!! It sure is gorgeous. Just wear a regular bikini top and you won't have to worry about one being too small :)

And, I'll send you some pink vibes too.

The Estrogen Files said...

So, when is baby due again? I'm so excited for you.

Sally Jackson said...

July 24th is our EDD!! Thanks for asking!