Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Birth Checklist

Everyone has a checklist of things they really want to get done before the baby comes, right? I realized that my mental checklist has been a bit distorted, mostly because the most pressing items at the top of the list are things like: husband find job, pack house, move.
Those just aren't the most fun, practical things you want to think about when planning for a baby. So, let's ignore those distractions and think about this checklist for now!

1. Cloth diapers. I love cloth diapers. With our first baby we lived in the big city and hired a cloth diaper service. Yes-that's right-a service that brings freshly washed diapers to your door every week. But, that hasn't been the case for years, and I admit I can get real lazy with the washing--and annoyed with the poo. But, I love cloth diapering for so many reasons, and I want to be more dedicated this time. We've been using these Pocket PUL diapers for our last two kids. However, When awaiting the arrival of Baby #2, a dear friend of mine taught me to make my own Pocket PUL diapers. Here they are:

I made 14 of them. I will never do that again. (it was painfully hard to sew them)
I think this time we will use the ones I made, plus try something new. Here's a quick demo of what we will be doing this time: snappis, prefolds, and waterproof covers. So, checklist #1 is: start ordering diapers, so when the baby comes we can catch the poo.

2. Finish reading my stack of books. Seriously, I am working on 5 different books right now, with another list of future books I want to read. I need to be at a happy place where I feel caught up. Probably not going to happen in my lifetime.......

3. Organize Photos. I really want to print off all our family pictures we've been taking for the past 4 years, and put them in photo albums! I haven't put a picture in a photo album since Zadok was 10 months old! And why is this important to me? Because I like photo albums. They seem real, family friendly, and fun to look at and hold. The computer makes my eyes bug out, and I don't want to all my nostalgic memories spent looking at a screen.
P.s. I think It's going to cost a couple hundred dollars to print off the pix, so this one might not work right now.....

4. Buy something new for the baby. Even if we don't know if it's a boy or a girl, I still want to go out and purchase a cute, little newborn outfit, just for the baby to wear on his/her first day of life.

5. Finish making baby carriers. I have 2 more baby carriers I am sewing for the new baby. I am trying my hand at a ringsling, and finishing up one last Mei-Tai. Yes, I realize we already own 20 slings, but c'mon, It's for the baby....!!!! And I love imagining myself wearing her around town on all our family walks and shopping trips-- all nuzzled in, soft, and cozy against Mamas or Papas chest.

Kinda like this.

6. Finalize our sleeping arrangement. Since our King-sized bed is a family affair, I wanted to make sure baby didn't get lost in there somewhere between Odins feet and Zadoks cuddles. The thought crossed my mind of trying out a bassinet, but I don't think it would get used, and the baby would just end up in bed with us anyways. Then someone donated a brand new changing pad to the yard sale and I thought, "Perfect!" It is firm enough so baby will be safe, and the pad curves upwards on both sides, so baby can't roll around anywhere. We decided it can go next to me, as a sort of containment area, when we're not nursing. Brilliant! I think I can check this one off, except I wanted to get a cute-looking sheet to fit over it.

7. Keep my house clean and organized. It will be that much easier to keep up after baby is born.

8. Take Maternity photos. I really wrestled with the idea of getting belly pictures of myself. I've never gotten professional prego pictures done, but I know a lot of my friends have, and they turned out quite lovely.
So, when my professional photographer friend offered to take some, I thought "Well, how special would it be if it was just me and Micah!" Micah is such a huge part of our birth, and my pregnancy, and of course, he is the father of our children. In these pictures to come, I hope to portray what an amazing support he is, and how each pregnancy is such a blessing to us. Stay tuned for our couples pictures........

9. More dates with my honey. We need to go to the movies, go on some nature walks, go eat Thai food, go to the Temple.....and we need to do it more often...alone. With Micah's Mom coming to visit, I am hoping we can squeeze in some hot dates.

10. Find peace each day in the little things. My boys bring me so much joy when my mind isn't cluttered with "extras". I hope to really relax and enjoy my family, as we await the arrival of our baby. Little walks to the park, picnics in the grass, exploring the gutter creatures by our house, riding bikes up and down the street--these are the things that keep me happy. Their little laughs and giggles brighten my day.

So that's my checklist! Did I miss anything? Oh yah--figuring out names for the baby might be a good idea, too. :)


Zen Mama said...

You are such a rockstar!

Sling rings are honestly the easiest things ever. I love the Maya instructions:

and I buy my rings from from

Wendy said...

I was thinking about your pictures and many times you can get really cheap prints for the first 100 and such... I will email you if I see a good deal. Just do a search for printing online. Usually you have to enter some info and "join" but you get like the first 50 free and then 4 cents for like 100 prints. I know Shutterfly some times has great deals. Anyway, I know we have done that before.