Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A New Me

I was so nervous last night. We've never hired a babysitter before, and I just wasn't sure how my boys would react to a perfect stranger coming over to "play" with them today. We've swapped kids with friends, but that's about it for leaving our kids!
So here I was last week, calling this 16 year old girl, whom I had never met before, but had been referred to by a friend, hoping that she was the answer to my prayers!

I've been feeling for awhile now, that we need to find someone to come over and give me a few hours to myself once a week. I've been getting really overwhelmed lately, mostly with this pregnancy, and Micah being gone 4 days a week, and with feeling like my empty cup never quite has a chance to fill back up..... Batteries are dead, no ones home, lights are out== equals a very stressed out and psychotic Sally Mom.
Plus, I overall think it will be healthy for my boys to get their needs met by someone else, to interact and play with someone else, to look to someone else for comfort ...for 3 hours a week! And my goodness, we all know I can't let go of my babies for the first two years, so this will give me a moment before newcomer arrives in July.
So, I took the leap of faith and called her, and when she walked in the door this morning, it was like we'd known her for years!The kids warmed right up, and within 20 minutes I was already out the door running errands!

Each week I plan to spend my time relaxing, swimming, meditating, reading, going for long walks, and letting all the stress and anxiety that's been building up, release itself. Just watch as a new me unfolds....... :)


redrockmama said...

Good for you, every mom deserves time alone to just "be" or to get things done.

Please don't forget my offer. I am here, I want to help. For nothing in return, other than a hug :)

Seriously. I don't know when you need me, so please let me know when you want me to watch the boys, and I am here. I am so flexible, I rarely have other plans. Use me!!

Sally Jackson said...

I will use you, I will!!--but probably just to drop Zadok off to play for hours on end! Odi-bear will probably want to stick with me when he's not on his own turf.
I appreciate that Erika-thanks!!

arianne said...

Phew. I'm so glad it went well. I was worried Odin wouldn't warm up. Yeah!!!

Katherine said...

I just discovered a babysitter myself. It is life-changing and a little empowering. I have felt like I need some fill-er-up time for awhile now (especially when Chad's out of town). I hope that you continue to love her. 3 hours a week is enough to change the world.