Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Good Pregnant Swim

We haven't had a bathtub in our apartment for nearly 2 years. I never thought I could live without a bathtub. Never. More than that, I never thought I could live without a bathtub whilst pregnant. Never ever.
But, life goes on, and here we are: bathtub-less, pregnant, and doing okay.

A friend invited me over to have a bath at her house one day, while she minded the kids. She has one of those jacuzzi jet baths that you just melt down into. Besides that, she set out all these wonderful extras for me to enjoy; veggies and dip, a wine glass full of grape juice with blueberries floating at the top, sweet smelling bath salts, and magazines to read... I was in heaven! It was possibly the sweetest thing ever!

Oh how I miss taking baths! My favorite thing about taking baths while pregnant was watching the baby move around, as my belly rose up out of the water like a giant mountain. It was always a special way for me to connect with my baby--- a quiet moment for me to stop, relax, and feel the gentle, subtle movements of my baby, after a busy day. I miss that so much.

I've been getting over to the public pool as often as I can lately to swim. The weightlessness and cool water feels really good on my big, tired body. Today as I was swimming laps I could feel her kicking and moving. I stopped and laid back at the edge, and watched as my belly rose out of the water like a giant mountain. I saw a big baby part move across my belly, which made me laugh out loud. She seemed to say to me, "Hi Mom, I am coming soon. Don't worry about a thing, because soon you'll have me to hold."

It was a good swim.


Da Denninghoff's said...

What an awesome friend! I love baths to. Especially drinking a chilled Heinry Weinhard (gourmet rootbeer)while in the bath.

Sally Jackson said...

Ha ha. I almost thought it was a beer. That sounds refreshing.

redrockmama said...

Sounds soooooooooooo good for you Sally :)