Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Summer!

Happy news is:
I felt like I could breathe after that swim yesterday. I felt like our baby was head down again. Our midwife stopped by and dug her loving, experienced fingers down into my baby belly today and affirmed that, "Yes! She is no longer breech!" Now how to keep her this way.......and not panic if she turns again.

I finished a Mei-Tai for a dear friend whom is 39 weeks along, and so ready to give birth! I fell in love with this fabric and can't wait to give it to her. I imagine many, many, sleepy, snuggly, nursy days with her and her baby. That just warms my heart.

And if I have extra fabric I like to throw in a matching, mini-me-Mei-tai for the little one. Her 3 year old daughter will have fun mimicking Mama in her own baby-doll sling.

Our big toddler can roar like a lion! His auntie Leilani sent over some things, and he immediately clung to this lion costume. Adorable in my eyes.

We have to sell our scaffolding, which we've been holding onto for the past few years. We were saving it just in case we built our house here. Oh well, now it's on It makes for a fun jungle gym, (for a few minutes until Micah took it down.)

Summer isn't complete without a little pool party in the backyard, and popscicles!

If you haven't been over---it's because we need to have another party. :)

Happy Summer!


redrockmama said...

Oh my! She isn't breech? Wow. Well, that is very happy news! I hope she stays head-down.

And I hope we have another swim/popsicle party. Maybe next week?

Da Denninghoff's said...

You are an incredibly thoughtful friend! She will love that baby carrier as well as her little daughter:)

arianne said...

She is just a little gymnast in there, ha ha. If she's going back and forth like that, I bet she'll pop that head down for the birth.