Friday, June 11, 2010

Pregnant Friends

I feel super lucky to be pregnant at the same time as these lovely ladies, whom I call good friends. It's nice to be able to share similar values and ideals, as we all head towards the ultimate goal of having a natural, empowering, and beautiful childbirth.
It's also exciting to say, that we are all 3, using the same homebirth midwife!

However, it is also nice to be able to vent on a rough pregnant day, and know that they totally understand. This pregnancy hasn't been easy for me, I admit. For whatever reasons, I've experienced more aches and pains, and rising and falling hormones, than ever before. Some days I am a terrible mess and wonder if I'll ever have kids again. (which is what I truly want) With Ruby on her 5th baby, and Arianne on her 4th baby, I know it is possible to endure to the end, and be blessed by beautiful children. Thanks guys for your wonderful examples in my life.

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arianne said...

I feel the same way about you, Sally.

It's nice having you two a little farther along. I'll get to hear about your awesome births before I go through my own.

Sally, you're just awesome. I don't think any mom has ever sailed through a pregnancy without a lot of pain and tears. Don't be hard on yourself.