Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Short-term Snake

Micah brought home a snake he found near work. It lived at our house for 3 days. The boys loved it. They held it. They watched it. They learned about it. They even tried to feed our pet mouse to it, but it was too afraid to eat. Then they let it go.

I didn't touch it, or go near it. I shuddered when I walked past it. When did I become such a wussy?


redrockmama said...

Definitely a wussy!! Snakes rock!!

LOL. Just teasin :)

Have fun this week!!!!

Sarah said...

Too cool! Totally understand your shuddering. I think snakes are neato, but I can't picture myself snuggling with one. :) Fun learning experience for the boys, though!

Micah said...

I saw two nice snakes driving this evening. But I just chased them off the road.