Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Waimea Bay

So this is the beach we lived by, nearly all my life.
On the way right hand side, we would snorkel among the coral and rocks, chasing little fishies around in circles. In the middle of the bay, way out where the ocean gets darker and deeper, is where I would paddle my longboard and sit and wait for dolphins. (In the Summer, you can almost always find Spinner dolphins jumping thru the middle of the Bay, and It's an awesome expereince to swim with them.)
On the left hand side is the large rock where we'd jump off, over and over and over again. Many late-nights were also spent jumping off the rock under the full moon.
The sandy stretch of beach is where I would run laps back and forth to warm up for my morning swims. I would run til I felt hot and sweaty, then jump in on the right hand side. I would swim to the large rock and back several times. I always found the same sea turtle swimming by me, nearly every day. My little dog would chase me back and forth as I swam.
Way out beyond the rocks on the left is where I used to take my kayak. Just me and my little dog would go out to sea and explore the rocks beyond. I would lie down on a big slab of lava rock and sunbathe until I got too hot, then paddle back home.
Near the right side, on the sand, is where I would gather with friends and family to watch the most gorgeous red, yellow, and orange Sunsets. I remember as a little girl thinking," This must be what heaven looks like."
In the Winter months the ocean swells got so huge, that it was too dangerous to swim. We would stand on the right-hand side and watch one of the greatest natural phenomenons ever, as surfers from all over the world came to ride these ginormous waves.
On the far left side is where I last swam at the bay, 6 years ago, with my husband-to-be.We jumped off the rock and collected sea shells. I remember him doing a really long yoga head-stand, and wondering if he'd ever fall down.

So why am I writing about Waimea Bay? Because I just miss it today, and
if I close my eyes, I can still feel the warm, clear water around me. Someday I'll be back......someday.......
And maybe this is what I think about while I'm waiting for our baby to come out.


chelsea mckell said...


Totally nuts!

Check out my blog - I just finished posting a Waimea Bay pic, then I wander over to yours... and you've done a whole post about it! CRAAAAAZY! I think it was you mentioning it at the lake-beach today that inspired the trip down memory lane. I can't believe you really grew up there. Such a dream. Wake up every morning, hurl yourself off a rock, battle some massive waves... then start the day. :)

Nancey said...

Waimea is Ryan's favorite beach to snorkel. I remember seeing a turtle swim near us while we snorkeled on the right when I was expecting Keira...maybe it was the same one :) Thanks for sharing.