Sunday, July 18, 2010


The practice of celebrating pregnancy and the birth of a new mother transcends almost all human cultures. Unlike the American baby shower which is usually focused on gifts for the baby, the Mother's Blessing (or Blessingway) is focused on giving positive energy, special gifts, and happy blessings to the mother, which are a powerful way to prepare the mother for labor and childbirth.
Weather a mother is having her 1st, 3rd, or 10th baby, I think the Mother's Blessing reminds her, once again, that childbirth is one of the most transformative events of her life. I was very lucky to have a group of wonderful friends throw me a Mother's Blessing this last weekend. Here's a few pictures that Erika took, which keep reminding me how fun it is to celebrate bringing children into this world.

A warm soak and a foot massage.

Each friend brought a unique bead, each given with a good thought or blessing for the birth.

Tying strings around our wrists, which will remind friends to send positive energy to the baby and mother, each day before she gives birth. String can also represent the umbilical cord, and ancestral ties between birth, life, and death.

Everyone decorated onesies with puffy paints! So cute! Can't wait to wear them!

More pictures of our lovely evening.

Rebekah's blessingway last year was the first I had been to. I wrote about it here. This is definitely a tradition that I would love to pass on for friends and family; for those who think birthing is something special to celebrate. :)


redrockmama said...

I am so happy you posted these! The one of you laughing...that is just a very special photograph of you in your most happy, pregnant state. You look beautiful, and full of life!

I thoroughly enjoyed your Blessingway! Come on little one!!

Nancey said...

How nice to have a blessingway. I had one when I was carrying Kainoa--it was THE BEST feeling and really prepared me for our home birth. Wish I could've been there, Sally. Love you.

Melodie said...

How lovely. Great idea painting the onesies too. My friends painted prayer flags for me with empowering words for birth. I loved them but I can tell you I pretty much forgot to look a them when I was in labour! :) Enjoy these final pregnant days Sally!

Wendy said...

I want to go to one of these:) You really do look so relaxed and radiant in these pictures. And responding to your earlier post... I remember and am having those days... when there is nothing that can make me get out of bed... but then I have to:) Good luck with three. It isn't as hard as I thought it would be. And now I am on number four with a four year old and think I'm crazy... I really do;) But won't it be an adventure!

You will love it.