Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July and Mamas Day!

Independence Day was never a huge deal for me growing up. I blame it on the large mix of cultures that have accumulated in Hawaii over time, such as Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Samoan, Tahitian, Fijian, Maori, and even Portuguese. Hawaii has a rich history of immigrants and travelers, all settling in the islands for work and a new frontier. Over the years, this mix of cultures have influenced each other, and infiltrated the traditional American holidays with new traditions, as well.

The holiday I remember celebrating the most is New Years Eve, as that is when we had all the big parties and BBQ's, and fireworks were blown up with a loud bang, at midnight. The neighbors would be out lighting red fire-crackers, banging pots and pans, and starting their lawnmowers, to ring in the new year. New years Eve was by far the most celebrated and most loud holiday we had! These traditions were usually influenced by the Chinese New year, which was close by.

So, If we wanted to see big fireworks on America's holiday, we had to go to a Military base, which we never did. I love this free country we live in, but it's funny how every Fourth of July I find myself going, "Oh yah--that holiday. I guess we should do something."
We went and bought some fireworks and sparklers for the boys, and will probably go to a friends BBQ. I still don't own an American flag, and I've never warmed up to citing the Pledge of Allegiance, but like I said, I love living in America, and Happy Independence to all!

And of course, 4th of July has forever been my mom's birthday, which we always celebrated every year! Happy Birthday MOM!!
My mom just left after staying with us for a week 1/2, and boy was I sad to see her go! It was so nice to just be able to hang out, and talk, and do fun things with the boys. Plus, she was a such a blessing by helping me out in so many ways! I am so glad she made the trek out here, just for us. I love you, Mom.
Here we are at the "Green Show", a free, family performance that goes on all Summer.

We miss you--come back soon!


redrockmama said...

Great pictures! Sad to see your mama leave. Glad she was able to stay and hang out, chat, and help you though!

chelsea mckell said...

aw, man... I should've headed over to the green show with you guys after the water party - looks fun!
That's interesting about the 4th in HI. On campus at BYUH, they didn't do much for the holiday either - with the same reason, that the student body was so diverse, it was only about 20% who even would realize that it was a holiday. But I LOVE the 4th - it's a holiday where you just get to relax and have fun - to pressure to make everyone happy with presents, or decorate much - and we get to sing the patriotic hymns at church!