Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pregnancy Pictures and Waiting

These are our Micah-and-Sally-pregnant-posing-in-a-field-of-tall-grass pictures. And I love them. And they are uniquely ours forever and ever. Thank you again to our friend Sunny for taking time to do this for us.
I have to admit that when I look at them I don't feel so sore, uncomfortable, and constricted. I just look....serene. Maybe this is all part of some master plan to trick me into getting pregnant again. Maybe when I look back on this, my hardest pregnancy, in a couple years, I'll only see happy, calm, blissful Sally, not the I'm-not-getting-out-of-bed-just-shoot-me-today Sally. Hhhhhhmmm....... We'll see.

We will be 40 weeks pregnant this Saturday. Yep--fully fully full term! The thing that always makes me laugh when we start to go into the "past due date" zones, is that we could have our baby right now. If she had decided to come out already, we'd have this big, healthy, nursing baby, with probably lots of hair--right now!! But nope--these Jackson kids like to hold out until the last minute, right when I'm about to go crazy. And I wouldn't have it any other way.
I know that my body will do it's thing. I know that the hormones are being created, which will start the contractions, which will move the baby down and out. I know all this will happen. I also know that each time I am waiting, I build strength, faith, and an enduring love for this unborn baby. Then by the time I go into labor, and they get here, I am sooooooooooooooooooo ready.

Another cool thing about going weeks over, is that you think of all these extra things to get done before the baby arrives. Like last night I finally organized the boys' baby books. Zadok hasn't stopped looking at his, since he realized it was a book about him!

And one last thing that is cool about going over your estimated due date, is that you get to tell people that you are "past due," and they look at you like your nuts because they don't really know anyone that's done that before. Who's doctor is going to let them get past 40 weeks without an induction?? That brings back memories of when I was 42 1/2 weeks pregnant with Zadok, and the doc at the hospital insisted we start the Pit and get-er-done. We waited, and sure enough--my body did what we knew it would do.

So here we are...waiting.


ashley said...

sally, you are beautiful! love the pics! and good luck with labor- sending you positive vibes and aloha from across the ocean! i love how excited you are about labor and delivery. at this point it just makes me nervous, i hope to be more like you in a few months!

arianne said...

You are a beautiful birth goddess. I admire your perspective and patience.

Da Denninghoff's said...

I'm super excited for you:) Your pictures are absolutely peaceful and loving.