Thursday, August 26, 2010

Salt Lake City Transition, part 2

We are moving into our new apartment tomorrow and I am stoked! Looking for a place to live was actually easier than I thought, although I was pretty overwhelmed with it for about 2 days. For the price we wanted to pay, we realized we had two choices: live in a teeny tiny house with a teeny tiny yard in a teeny tiny neighborhood, or live in some larger apartments, with awesome amenities attached, both the same price. After some serious debate about the pros and cons of each, we went for the apartment. I think the "year-round swimming pool" sealed the deal for me. I can honestly never ask myself, "What the crap do we do out of this house while it's freezing snowing out??" because the answer is now simple--go swimming! So yeah for that!

And yeah that Micah really enjoys his teaching job, too! He is teaching biology, physics, and chemistry to high school aged boys at a therapeutic boarding school. He comes home every day and we get to eat dinner as a family, which is something I value. I also value a husband and father who comes home feeling good because he likes his job. I am so glad we made this move, if only for that reason. Micah deserves it!

So there we have it-- we moved. again. We really haven't lived in the same place for more than 2 years since we've been married. Heck, I haven't lived anywhere for more than 2 years for the past 10 years! So, who knows where the wind will take us next. I do know that, Wherever we go, whatever we do, we're gonna take this luggage with us! (if you've seen Joe Vs. the Volcano you'd understand)

Anyways, as soon as I find that cord I'm posting some pictures of Jonah. He is so stinkin cute I can't stand it! And I'm pretty sure any picture of Jonah has Odin attached to his head, smothering him with brotherly kisses. And I'm sure that any picture of Jonah and Odin probably has Zadok and Micah in the background playing their new favorite game, Bugdom. And I'm sure that any picture of Jonah, Odin, Zadok, and Micah in it, has me smiling in the background at how much I love my little family of boys. So, there's some mental images to hold you over!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Salt Lake City Transition, part 1

I think the cord that connects my camera to the computer is lost somewheres in moving- land, because otherwise I would be posting pictures of how amazingly chubbilicious and cute our baby Jonah is getting! He is really growing fast. That little, fragile newborn stage lasted about 3 weeks and then BAM!-- giant baby! He is such a sweet baby, too. He has been doing some serious lounging throughout this whole move, taking life easy. I'm so glad he is here to balance me out, as I have been the opposite. Wearing him in his little Mei-tai, snuggling with him all night, and stopping to nurse him are my most treasured moments.

Well, blogging obviously has to be tuned out quite a bit right now in order to get an organized, consistent routine going, while we are in transition,
So, here's a quick update as to what's going on in the big city.

First of all, the big city isn't really a big city. I hadn't spent a lot of time up here, except for Temple square, so I really had no idea what the suburbs of SLC were like. Before we left Cedar, our neighbor Joe told me that "it's getting so crowded up here, it's like living in L.A.", sorry. We've lived in Los Angeles and this isn't it.
It's basically beautiful up here and very Utah-esque feeling. The mountains stand big, beautiful, and proud off to the East, and the neighborhoods spread out for miles in every direction. Everything is green, with cottonwood trees in abundance! Everyone I've run into has been super friendly, and nobody seems like they are in a huge rush. People seem laid back up here. I was a little worried I would be stuck in the heart of big-fake boobs and big-Utah-hair country, but it doesn't seem so. (It's the little things that count.)

We are still staying at our friend's Mother's house. She is probably the nicest person in the world for letting a family of 5 take over part of her peaceful abode for a whole week. She has been so gracious and kind in making us feel right at home. We probably move into our new apt tomorrow.

Okay I gotta run--stay tuned for part 2.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Small Acts of Kindess

After we got the house all packed up, the moving van loaded, and said a last goodbye to our apartment, we started driving to the big city. I took the two younger boys in my car, and Micah took our oldest son with him in the moving van. My boys fell asleep immediately and left me to drive in silence.
It was the first moment of quiet and solitude I had had in days, and the first time I actually had time to stop and think about what was really happening. The silence was really healing for my soul, as the last week had been nothing but non-stop packing, cleaning, organizing, minimal sleep, and caring for our family. I was exhausted to no end.

However, as I drove along I couldn't stop thinking about how blessed we were through all of this because of people around us who care. Yes, this last week was exhausting, but also so rich with friends and family who stepped out of their comfort zones to help us out. To name some of the services rendered, we had Micah's mother and brother drive up form California to help with the kids while we packed. Micah's brother did a lot of the lifting and moving, as well. I don't think we could have actually gotten anything done if they didn't come. That was such a huge blessing, I will never forget.
And then all the little thoughtful things started to add up--Neighbors bringing us food and meals while we packed, people giving us loads of moving boxes, people bringing over activities for our kids, a friend who offered to clean the apartment after we left (which was no easy task), neighbors who saw the moving van and ran over to help lift heavy boxes and furniture, a neighbor who took a load to the thrift store for us, a friend who helped me pack up the kitchen when i was reaching the end of my rope, and so on and so forth...the kind acts of service never seemed to end.

I'd like to say that I learned a huge lesson from this move, and that is "There is no act of kindness too small when you see someone in need." It really made me want to open my eyes up a little more and remember to do the little things that add up--to care a little more about the people around me.

As I drove along to our new destination, I didn't start crying because I had to move--I was crying because I felt an intense need to move forward and pass on the love that I felt. --Then I had to quickly wipe away my tears so I wouldn't crash while driving a car full of small children while pulling a huge trailer with beds and dressers on it.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Moving from Cedar City

It's pretty surreal that I don't have time to cry and I don't have time for big goodbyes. We are packing up and moving to the Big city, and we have 6 days to do it! It's crazy, I know, but the Lord keeps blessing us with the right plan, and keeps helping us follow the right path. Things are falling into place and working out beautifully. Who was worried? he he

We've been anticipating this move for quite some time, and I have to admit that I feel so much relief and happiness finally knowing where we are going and what my husband will be doing for work. It's amazing how fast life can change on you. But we feel good about this change. Yes, I am sad to leave my little town life here. Just today we went to the park and ran into all sorts of friends. That's one thing I just love about small-town life--you always see a friendly face everywhere you go. I looked up at those big, red mountains and at the wonderful people around us and I almost shed a tear--then I remembered all the packing and cleaning I had to do. Ha! No time for tears! One thing I am truly looking forward to is having a bath tub. Oh, and most importantly, a Micah who gets to teach full time and be home with his family! Oh, and living in a real house, and being close to a zoo, and close to the Temple we were married in, and maybe even a dog someday. It's a good move for us.
So, the Big City calls-and we are responding with optimism and excitement for the adventures ahead.

I will miss you Cedar City, Utah and all our wonderful friends in it.
You will always have a special place in my heart, I hope we meet up someday on the same path and smile.

the cedar city bike path, with red mountains.

Friday, August 6, 2010

A little of this n' that

The good this:
*Our baby is such an angel. He sleeps, and nurses wonderfully, and when he's awake he just stares up at me with these happily contented eyes. He doesn't really cry, which is really nice. And once in a while when he does, I just stick the milkies in his mouth and he's happy again.
*Nursing stung at first because we couldn't get his latch quite right--but after a week of practice, we were pros. It's really fun to have a snuggly, nursing baby again. I really mean that.

*Zadok and Odin love their new, baby brother and give him kisses constantly. Zadok wasn't very fond of the babies umbilical cord, and always made sure I "covered that thing up" before he'd go near Jonah. LOL! When it fell off after 7 days, Zadok did a happy dance and sang out loud, "The cord is gone! The cord is gone!" funny kid....
And Odin always asks before he kisses Jonah. "Mom, can I kiss Jonah baby?" He always refers to him as "Jonah Baby." Love it!
* We have a new pet garder snake. Micah caught it while out hiking. It lives in our toy room in an aquarium, where the kids feed it fish and watch it slither. Heaven help me if that thing escapes and slithers through my house. Eeeek!
*I feel so much better not being pregnant. I was a walking zombie for a while there. And even worse, felt like I was neglecting my kids. I had this horrible, awful, plus guilty thing going on 24/7. But, the good news is, the kids still love me, and we seem to have picked up where we left off 9 months ago. Zadok said the other day, "Yeah--fun Mommy is back!"
*We have been so blessed with generous friends and neighbors who have dropped off (or mailed) food and special presents for our family at this time. I don't know if I have thanked everyone enough. I sure have thanked you through my prayers, as I know you've all been inspired to lift us up at this time!
*Micah is really an amazingly patient and fun father. These boys are lucky to have him! And I am lucky, too, as I've been able to relax and recover while they are off on adventures. On Monday he took Zadok to Zions National Park where they hiked and hunted for frogs. Today he took Odin to Kolob Canyon where they caught polliwogs. The boys loved their "special dates with Micah."
Here's an evening at Canyon park where they had water balloon and squirt gun fights:

The stupid that:
*Micah is still on the job hunt. It's really a complicated process trying to figure out just what to do right now. While he's got this part-time position here in Cedar starting next week, we still can't decide if he should keep interviewing for the jobs in SLC, AZ, or LV, or just stop for now, and wait for something closer. Neither one of us really feels like packing up the entire family for a huge move, in less than 2 weeks notice, when all the schools start. Plus, our baby is 2 weeks old, and I'm still recovering. Not a great time to move. But---will do what we have to do. We were going to drive to Phoenix, AZ this weekend for an interview but canceled it. It just didn't feel right. So, we'll see....... Keeping the faith alive that something will come up that is perfect for us........soon?

The cute this:
Don't you just love baby toes??