Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Salt Lake City Transition, part 1

I think the cord that connects my camera to the computer is lost somewheres in moving- land, because otherwise I would be posting pictures of how amazingly chubbilicious and cute our baby Jonah is getting! He is really growing fast. That little, fragile newborn stage lasted about 3 weeks and then BAM!-- giant baby! He is such a sweet baby, too. He has been doing some serious lounging throughout this whole move, taking life easy. I'm so glad he is here to balance me out, as I have been the opposite. Wearing him in his little Mei-tai, snuggling with him all night, and stopping to nurse him are my most treasured moments.

Well, blogging obviously has to be tuned out quite a bit right now in order to get an organized, consistent routine going, while we are in transition,
So, here's a quick update as to what's going on in the big city.

First of all, the big city isn't really a big city. I hadn't spent a lot of time up here, except for Temple square, so I really had no idea what the suburbs of SLC were like. Before we left Cedar, our neighbor Joe told me that "it's getting so crowded up here, it's like living in L.A.", sorry. We've lived in Los Angeles and this isn't it.
It's basically beautiful up here and very Utah-esque feeling. The mountains stand big, beautiful, and proud off to the East, and the neighborhoods spread out for miles in every direction. Everything is green, with cottonwood trees in abundance! Everyone I've run into has been super friendly, and nobody seems like they are in a huge rush. People seem laid back up here. I was a little worried I would be stuck in the heart of big-fake boobs and big-Utah-hair country, but it doesn't seem so. (It's the little things that count.)

We are still staying at our friend's Mother's house. She is probably the nicest person in the world for letting a family of 5 take over part of her peaceful abode for a whole week. She has been so gracious and kind in making us feel right at home. We probably move into our new apt tomorrow.

Okay I gotta run--stay tuned for part 2.


chelsea mckell said...

So glad to read an update! I've been thinking about ya. Glad to hear you're safe from the big boobs and hair.
I want you to go to their LLL mtgs and tell me what they're like!

Hilary-Dilary-Dock said...

Sally, the fake boobs are in UTAH county, not SL County! I'm glad you get to live by Wendy! And I'm glad my mama was good to you! I can't believe she got to see Jonah before I did!