Thursday, August 12, 2010

Moving from Cedar City

It's pretty surreal that I don't have time to cry and I don't have time for big goodbyes. We are packing up and moving to the Big city, and we have 6 days to do it! It's crazy, I know, but the Lord keeps blessing us with the right plan, and keeps helping us follow the right path. Things are falling into place and working out beautifully. Who was worried? he he

We've been anticipating this move for quite some time, and I have to admit that I feel so much relief and happiness finally knowing where we are going and what my husband will be doing for work. It's amazing how fast life can change on you. But we feel good about this change. Yes, I am sad to leave my little town life here. Just today we went to the park and ran into all sorts of friends. That's one thing I just love about small-town life--you always see a friendly face everywhere you go. I looked up at those big, red mountains and at the wonderful people around us and I almost shed a tear--then I remembered all the packing and cleaning I had to do. Ha! No time for tears! One thing I am truly looking forward to is having a bath tub. Oh, and most importantly, a Micah who gets to teach full time and be home with his family! Oh, and living in a real house, and being close to a zoo, and close to the Temple we were married in, and maybe even a dog someday. It's a good move for us.
So, the Big City calls-and we are responding with optimism and excitement for the adventures ahead.

I will miss you Cedar City, Utah and all our wonderful friends in it.
You will always have a special place in my heart, I hope we meet up someday on the same path and smile.

the cedar city bike path, with red mountains.


Going Full Hippie said...

I would be sad to leave those mountains too, one thing I always love about your posts are the beautiful pictures of the place you live.

Sara B said...
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Sara B said...

You have a way of making everything around you happy Sally - so I'm sure SLC will be too!
we're excited to have you :)

chelsea mckell said...