Friday, August 20, 2010

Small Acts of Kindess

After we got the house all packed up, the moving van loaded, and said a last goodbye to our apartment, we started driving to the big city. I took the two younger boys in my car, and Micah took our oldest son with him in the moving van. My boys fell asleep immediately and left me to drive in silence.
It was the first moment of quiet and solitude I had had in days, and the first time I actually had time to stop and think about what was really happening. The silence was really healing for my soul, as the last week had been nothing but non-stop packing, cleaning, organizing, minimal sleep, and caring for our family. I was exhausted to no end.

However, as I drove along I couldn't stop thinking about how blessed we were through all of this because of people around us who care. Yes, this last week was exhausting, but also so rich with friends and family who stepped out of their comfort zones to help us out. To name some of the services rendered, we had Micah's mother and brother drive up form California to help with the kids while we packed. Micah's brother did a lot of the lifting and moving, as well. I don't think we could have actually gotten anything done if they didn't come. That was such a huge blessing, I will never forget.
And then all the little thoughtful things started to add up--Neighbors bringing us food and meals while we packed, people giving us loads of moving boxes, people bringing over activities for our kids, a friend who offered to clean the apartment after we left (which was no easy task), neighbors who saw the moving van and ran over to help lift heavy boxes and furniture, a neighbor who took a load to the thrift store for us, a friend who helped me pack up the kitchen when i was reaching the end of my rope, and so on and so forth...the kind acts of service never seemed to end.

I'd like to say that I learned a huge lesson from this move, and that is "There is no act of kindness too small when you see someone in need." It really made me want to open my eyes up a little more and remember to do the little things that add up--to care a little more about the people around me.

As I drove along to our new destination, I didn't start crying because I had to move--I was crying because I felt an intense need to move forward and pass on the love that I felt. --Then I had to quickly wipe away my tears so I wouldn't crash while driving a car full of small children while pulling a huge trailer with beds and dressers on it.


chelsea mckell said...

yes, no reminiscing while driving... safety first!
miss you tons. So glad you got enough help.

Da Denninghoff's said...

What an adventure!