Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Banana Wheels and Thrifty Deals

I've been browsing the local thrift stores for furniture and odds and ends for the house. I purchased a used couch from Savers, some lamps for the light-less rooms, and two bar stools for the kitchen. Other than that, I don't feel a huge motivation to furnish the apartment. Maybe it's because we probably have to move again in a year, and moving all this crap in was such a pain the arse. Or maybe it's because furniture costs money, and spending money on furniture is the least of my favorite things to do. Anyways, the point is, I am happy living out of boxes for now. There's also a fun game we like to call, "See how long we can go before we get something for free," that that's fun to play. There's always someone trying to get rid of a book shelf or a dresser, or an end-table....you just have to wait.very patiently.and be happy finding your underwear at the bottom of a box every day in the meantime.

Above is a picture of the stack of chaos we created, before we left our last apt. This picture makes me shudder with fear. Moving sucks.

Speaking of thrift stores, I just want to share my most awesome thrifting find ever--a plastic banana slicer. Never have I come across such an amazing contraption as this one. You just put it over the banana, push down, and there you have instant banana wheels!

I wish I could tell you where you can get one, so you could be as excited as me. Here is Odin below, enjoying his insta-wheels. On a side note, we discovered that one cool thing about your name beginning with "O" is that you find O's everywhere you g0--making your name so much more exciting! Odin finds O's in almost everything these days-from oranges to coins to DVD's to pancakes to banana wheels. His little face lights up as he exclaims,"It's an O for ODIN!" So cute!

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redrockmama said...

You know, seeing your boxes gives me anxiety. We are moving too...but we also have a garage and a basement and it makes me scerrrrd!!! How on earth will we pack all this crap? I am giving a lot away. Going to try to sell stuff...but still. Eek.

Anyway. Super super cool banana slicer. What a neat idea! They should totally sell those in grocery stores near the bananas, where they also sell the "banana savers." I need more Jonah pics too!!!