Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jonah Baby, Blessed

Baby Jonah was blessed last Sunday, a special Priesthood blessing from his father. It was a very beautiful blessing. No fancy clothes, no big luncheon, no family from out of town--just a few close friends and a congregation we don't really know. But the main focus was the blessing, and sweet baby Jonah.
Micah and I have made a point to record each of our boy's blessings. I then take it home, and listen to it, and type it out on paper for them to read when they grow up.
Here's baby Jonah after we got home. He has that same expression most of the time.

Some of our good friends were visiting in town and came to the blessing, then came over for chow afterwards. It was nice to have them here! Thanks for coming friendsies!
(we timed this picture, can you tell??)


redrockmama said...

Sweet Jonah. What a love.

Is Zadok in his star wars cape? How awesome is that?

Great picture. So glad that Rebekah and fam could be there for such a special day :)

chelsea mckell said...

Oh, Rebekah got to go? So jealous!
I love the idea of keeping baby blessings simple and focused on - imagine this - the baby blessing. My inlaws were horrified that I didn't want to do a luncheon, and actually stayed at church for the full time after the blessing. I wish we had recorded the blessings - didn't think of that. But you have to admit... the little white suits most baby boys wear for their blessings are pretty dang cute :) We just borrowed one from a friend.
Jonah is GIGANTIC! And so cute. Good job :)