Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Biggest brother

Really excited about these days:
feeding ducks and geese
chasing Pigeons
Learning to swim
computer and video games (mainly Bugdom)
bike rides with Micah
going to the Zoo
exploring Salt lake Valley
sleeping in his own bed, in his own room

also Likes:

waffles covered in syrup and yoghurt
ice-cream--mainly Vanilla
playing rough
teaching Odin how to play rough
Star Wars and Spiderman--mainly acting out the characters.
being my pet Monkey who escaped from the zoo
one-on-one play-time with either parent


grocery shopping with Mom
being away from his parents
when no one is playing with him.

for Halloween:

Wants to be a Dalmatian puppy that wears a spy mask.

riding the train downtown.

1 comment:

redrockmama said...

Awesome Halloween costume choice!!!

Ethan asks almost everyday when he can play with Zadok. Still hasn't sunk in for him that you guys aren't coming back!