Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chapter 6

I finally feel like I have all this energy back, since i was previously the tired, grumpy, pregnant lady from hell. This past month especially, it's been really fun to plunge straight back into wrestling, hiding-go-seek, stomping in the mud, treasure hunts, and all the fun things I never felt like doing with our boys, while I had a growing baby in me.

It's been very healing for me--for all of us-to have little responsibilities and distractions while we play. I feel like we are all catching up, even Micah, who is still busy, but has been gone so much the past 2 years. I really look forward to our weekends together, where our family can all be together. I am really happy with what we have right now. I feel like we've both worked really hard for these moments, and sacrificed a lot, and now here is a bit of Heaven. Being together as a family is really all I need right now.

It's been interesting, too, looking back at the chapters in my life, since Micah and I got married. If I compared them to a book, then there have been 6 chapters to this story, to be exact. (our anniversary is next month!)
Starting in Los Angeles 6 years ago, was the beginning of chapter one. In each chapter we had a baby, then moved, and started over, had a baby, then moved, and started over, had a baby, then moved, and then started over again, every 2 years.
In each 2 year chapter, Micah was working hard and trying to get through school. In each chapter we were learning, growing, and developing our parenting philosophies. In each chapter we were experiencing the highs and lows of adjusting to married life. In each chapter we were forming lasting friendships with people we will never forget. In each chapter we were watching our babies be born, and finding out how powerful love really is. In each chapter we were looking to Christ to strengthen us, and to help us be better than we are. In each chapter there were tears, frustrations, and sadness. In each chapter there was laughter, joy, and indescribable happiness.
In each chapter my character developed a little stronger, until I finally, truly understood what this book is all about: family. Starting a family, having a family, being the mother of the family--it's the most important and rewarding thing I will ever do. And each chapter has brought me closer to understanding this principle more than ever before. And I am at peace right now.

And I couldn't have said that 6 years ago,
because I didn't even know what I wanted 6 years ago. When I first married Micah, I was literally incapable of imagining this path for myself. There was this spiritual/mental/emotional block that disabled me from seeing a future. I never envisioned myself with children, or wanting to settle down with a family. But, God has poured his love over me, and opened my eyes for me, and showed me who I really am. I am a daughter of God with a divine purpose to fulfill; to be a loving wife, a nurturing mother, to raise our beautiful children, and find happiness each day in family.

So, this, being the very beginning of chapter 6, feels like the start of magical things. We are catching up, having fun, and putting together a rough draft for the next chapter of our book. It's going to be awesome. Stay tuned........

Always looking forward, Sally and Micah. xoxoxox