Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cloth diapering system

It's really a relief when you find a cloth diapering system that works for you! With all the modern cloth diapering options, it's sometimes overwhelming to find the right match for your lifestyle. For the past two kids we used pocket diapers, until they were potty trained. We really liked how easy it was to wash the diapers, and care for them. But, after 2 kids, and loads of washing, drying, and pooping, they got old and worn out. So, this time we decided to try something new. Afterall, parenting is an adventure right?
Here's our new system, and we really like it!

So, we take our basic Chinese pre-fold diaper, and instead of the old-fashioned safety pins, we use the snappis. They are these plastic rubber thingies with teeth that grab hold of the cloth and keep it in place.

Then we put on a some Dappi vinyl pants to keep everything waterproof.

Viola--a chunky, cloth diapered baby!

We really like using these diapers! It's kind of like an art project every time, as we come up with new ways to fold the pre-fold inside the vinyl. Also, it saves so much money!
This diapering system cost us:
2 snappis $8
12 prefolds: 12.50 (need to buy more so we're not washing every day)
6 vinyl pants: $8

Not to mention, baby hasn't had that nasty, red rash around his legs or groin area, which he developed from wearing disposables the first 6 weeks. And lets not forget that Mama Earth has less non-degradable plastic and fecal waste in her landfills now.
Happy diapering!!


redrockmama said...

That is the exact same system we used for Ashlyn and we loved it! Super cheap, super cozy, super easy.

I can't wait to squeeze him! Don't worry, I won't *really* squeeze him; just a nice good snuggle, if he'll let me when I see him next time.

Vicky said...

Hi Sally!
This is Vicky, a friend of Micah's. Hey- I just had twins and wanted to save money on diapers by switching to cloth- we are almost out of the one's that people gave us. Do you wash your own? If so- what's your system? Also, which diaper did you use before these? Fuzzibunz looks like a good adjustable brand? Anyhow- email me your responses or message me on facebook.