Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mama and Micah, by Zadok

Every once in a while our 4 yr old gets excited about drawing something on paper. It doesn't happen very often, so, of course I save it and treasure it forever. (he's pure kinesthetic learner, this one) About 7 months ago he sat down and drew "Mama and Micah". That was the first and last time time he drew people.... I love it! Can you guess who is who?


Melodie said...

Isn't the leaps and bounds in art so exciting? I have had trouble throwing away much of anything my oldest has done. Watching her go from scribbles to shapes to things that kind of looked like pictures to things that were completely obvious and then detailed. I love it. I'm pretty sure I have the first people picture she did too. It's just such a beautiful heart warming thing. Ah- love!

chelsea mckell said...

oh my word - photograph quality! The one on the right looks EXACTLY like you, Sally!