Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Middle brother

Really excited about these days:
cutting up construction paper and making "crafties"
feeding ducks and geese
kissing his baby brother
checking out DVD's from the library
opening the mail with the mail key
playing on the steps in the pool
going to the zoo

also likes:

noodles in any form
chewing gum
high 5's
jumping off of high things
picking out his own noodles at the store
swinging at the park
the color orange


when his blanket comes off his feet at night
twisted car seat straps
getting his feet stuck in one side of his pants
when no one is listening to him

for Halloween:

Wants to be a bad guy! from Star "Wears"!!


redrockmama said...

Did you guys get a new camera?

His curls are growing out. I love. I am so happy to see these updates.

Sally Jackson said...

No new camera. Sometimes I stop to pay attention to proper lighting and my pictures come out better. Who woulda thought? ha ha