Monday, November 1, 2010


We went to BOO at the ZOO this year for our family Halloween celebration, and it didn't disappoint! I mean, what could be better than running around your favorite place, whilst trick or treating and costume watching, with quick stops to see what the elephants and gorillas are up to? It was a blast!

Costumes were easy this year. The boys changed their minds so many times all month long, that I finally just laid all the toy-room costumes out, and let them pick something right before. They were the happiest, little superhero duo ever!

And this little lion cub here, he slept the whole time in his mei-tai. But I caught a couple shots in the car. Don't you want to squeeze those cheeks?

Here's some more highlites from our Halloween!
Odin asked, "Is that cow a robot?

Are the animals passing out the candy?

Is Mama wearing a costume?

Our "spooky" Halloween decorations this year: Hawaiian lava lava ghosts and jack-o-lanterns. The boys painted them first, before we cut them.

Til next year, Happy Halloween!!!

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