Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I wasn't sure for awhile how much I should push crafts on my kids. Our oldest child wasn't showing any interest, and I was feeling guilty because, for me, coming up with creative craft projects isn't exactly my specialty. When I envisioned myself buying things like glitter, felt, beads, and trinkets from the craft store, it totally stressed me out. I figured we'd rather be outside building a mud castle and hiking in the leaves.

Another homeschooling friend I know said she doesn't feel it's necessary to do anything "crafty", unless they really want to, or if it's a life-skill you want your child to learn, like building with hammer and nails, making soap, or sewing a pillowcase. Otherwise, pushing crafts on kids is like making someone learn how to ski who just doesn't like the snow....totally unnecessary for life.

However, over the past few years I have been collecting all these craft supplies and keeping them in my cabinet. Lately I've found that when I nonchalantly put them out on the carpet in the morning, I find my boys hovering over them; cutting, pasting, gluing, glittering, and making all sorts of crafty discoveries. It's really fun to watch them busy their time away, creating art from the core of their imaginations......and I didn't have to push a thing.

watching and nursing while the boys get "crafty"


The Estrogen Files said...

I love watching the kids enjoy craft stuff! They get so INTO it!

redrockmama said...

I love this Sally!!