Monday, November 29, 2010

Wearing Jonah

Look how big our squishy baby has gotten. His little feet used to be tucked in under him, and then one day they just popped out the sides. A true sign of a thriving squisher. Here he is at 4 months:

It seems like just yesterday I was holding him close in his little pouch. I would look down at him and adore him, and oogle over his sweet, chubby knuckles.
Here he is, just a week old.

I also loved to wear him in a wrap when he was just a newborn. There's something about all that snuggly fabric that makes us feel safe together. And warm. And synchronized. Like two little hearts beating as one.
Here we are at 5 weeks old.

He is my traveling buddy. My favorite shopper. My church-halls walker. My nursing-on-the-go hopper. He looks around and takes it all in. He sleeps the best right on Mamas chest. He breathes so naturally, so quietly. He looks so peaceful and aware. So happy-go-lucky. Here he is now, at 4 months:

I kiss his little head and say, "I love you squishy. Don't grow up too fast." But I know my magic words won't work....They always get bigger, darnit!
I love you little buddy. And sometimes when your fussy all day and all you want is held, I put you on my back. And I do dishes, and cook meals, and build snowmen outside with big brothers. But your favorite thing in the world is when I sit down in a chair, and have one-on-one, face-to-face time. Just me and you, smiling and making funny noises at each other. Your the best, Jonah!

(Thanks to friend Erika for the pouch picture and thanks to friend Wendy for the 4 mos Jonah picture. It's nice to have friends with camera skillz)

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