Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Mama Cape

Every morning these boys wake up and put on their warrior gear. Weather they decide to be powerful Jedis, valiant knights, brave warriors, heroic superheroes, or majestic kings, there is always a cape involved. And there is always a battle to win.

They are both at these perfectly entertaining ages, where I can sit back and relax a little, watching them fly, kick, and swirl around the house without much intervention from me. Sure there are quarrels and the occasional tears, but mostly their laughter fills my ears and my heart. I love these little warriors, and they love each other. And Jonah sits in his little chair, watching and taking it all in. Someday soon he will be one of the boys. If he's not sleeping........

I want this house to be place where children can imagine and play, where messes can stay for days and I won't worry about it. I want a house where there is always yummy food, toys and games, and loving arms to run to. I want this house to be a fun place for kids to just be.

Here's Odin below eating some yummy "samples."Ever since we took a visit to Costco, the kids have been real excited about eating everything in "sample" form.

We decided several years ago that we won't have TV in our house, and I am still happy with that decision. The natural noises of a family house just can't compete with the noises of the outside world. The other night we were sitting on the couch when Zadok came running out with a giant sheet over his head yelling, "The Thing is here!" He then put on a dramatic monologue of what that Thing eats, and does, when we are asleep. I just couldn't imagine him being as impromptu and fun if a TV was on to distract him. And here he is below teaching us the FHE lesson for the week. It was all about the Sacrament. He did a great job!

I love my family. Being a Mom is constant work in progress. I am still learning that if something doesn't work one day, I can change it the next day, and the next, and the next, until eventually we find our niche. My good friend Ruby was laughing at me the other day because I told her I was at McDonald's playland, letting the kids eat happy meals and play on the jungle gym. She reminded me that when she first met me
I stated most matter-of-factly,"We never eat fast food!" Ha ha--three kids later.....sometimes a day at McDonalds is okay. I think most days I could really use a cape just to get me through the day!

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