Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving Day with Hawaii Grandpa

We love having family come to town! Thank you, thank you "Hawaii Grandpa" for coming all the way to freezing Utah to see us. And there just so happened to be a very, very cold spell passing through, exactly the week he was here! Hee hee hee. On Thanksgiving morning we went to the Zoo in 12 degree F temperatures. We braved the elements to see a few animals eat some squash. Was it worth it? Ahhh yah! Except I didn't really get any cool pictures, just us standing outside in the cold, watching some barn owls through a window.......

Do I look pregnant? Nah-There's actually a baby all bundled up in there. I kinda felt sorry for the ones out in the strollers. Brrrrrrrrrrrr.

We came home later on and made a big Thanksgiving meal. I had never made a sausage/apple/walnut/cranberry stuffing before (or any stuffing, really) and found it to!
Micah stuffed and cooked the turkey--it was delicious:

Here are the fruits of our labors, our first time cooking a full T-giving meal:

Grandpa also brought his video game devices, which captivated the minds of our children.

These boys love their Grandpa Bill, and keep asking, "When is he coming back????"

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