Sunday, December 19, 2010

my boy

I can't help but cherish these little pieces of crayon-coloring artwork that Zadok brings home from Primary. I know it's not a mosaic, but they are special to me. I can just picture him kneeling there in class, bending pensively over his chair, carefully calculating which colors would best represent the scene before him.

My favorite part is when he runs to me after class, with that big smile on his face saying,"Look what I got!" And shows me everything he did in his class.

I sure love my boy. I caught him sleeping funny on the couch the other day and had to take a photo. He has so much energy, and so much enthusiasm for life---all the time! When I watch him sleeping he always looks so much bigger to me, but when he wakes up he's still my silly, rambunctious 4 year old again.