Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Apron making

My first apron was constructed recently. After I finished it I felt like I should be inducted into the domestic arts hall of fame.
I made it because I wanted to try something new, and I also made it because I wanted to make something handmade for someone special for Christmas. I started by looking up patterns on the Tipnut "5o Free Apron Patterns you can Make." From there I found a few patterns I liked, then sort of put them together in my head. I had been to World Market that day and had seen some really cool, ethnic looking aprons made in India. One of them had a very long, adjustable strap that pulled from one side, around the neck, and then through to the other side. That way, you can just pull the one, long strap behind you and adjust to the tightness you want. And that was the start of apron inspiration. I ended up with a Polka dot, Hawaiian print, reversible, thigh length apron, with adjustable straps and reversible pockets. Oh, and a little ric rac because who doesn't love ric rac? It was really fun to make, and pretty easy. But don't look too close at the detail, it was my first apron.

I am starting another one for myself soon. It's going to be rainbowy.


arianne said...

I love it. I love aprons. I love the word "rainbowy."

Tami H. said...

I love this apron, I need to make us some aprons. Where do you get your great fabric? I need to make my kiddos some aprons because they (especially Kaiya) are obsessed with helping in the kitchen!

Sally Jackson said...

OOOh wee little aprons--now that would be a fun project! Tami-my Haw'n fabric was sent from hawaii, but mostly I get my cotton fabric from Joannes, on sale. have fun creating!