Friday, January 21, 2011

A Day at the Beach!

We love the beach so much that we took a spontaneous day trip to the beach while we were in California for Christmas. It took us 2 1/2 hours (that's CA traffic) to drive there from Micah's parents house near Victorville. We didn't even have our swimsuits, although we didn't really need them because the water was freezing. However, that didn't stop Zadok, who was running around in his underoos the whole time.

I miss you, beach! I miss your seaweed, and your crunchy sand-in-the-toes feeling. I miss your smelly smell of salt water, mixed with salt air, mixed with fish parts. I even miss making pee-pee sand balls and throwing them at people. (that one was for Sarah) But what I especially miss is that magical connection I feel from growing up in the ocean. The "I know you old friend" feeling I get when I manage to find my way back to her sandy shores and sparkly waters.
It was so thrilling just watching the boys play at the beach. Even if it wasn't my beach, it was a beach, and watching them play and explore made me want beach back in my life. (We're working on that one, by the way)

Zadok pretended he was a dog the whole time, digging in the sand. I thought he would get too cold after three hours of rolling in the water and fetching sticks, but not so. This is one tough dog! I think his name was Hammer.

And Odin busied himself finding treasures, and handing them to Mom. We found seashells, sand crabs, sea-weed bubbles, and sticks. Odin found a special red stick that he brought all the way home to Utah.

And seashells:

I love the beach so much that I would marry it. Except I already married Micah and I love him more. But I still love the beach.

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