Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I am grateful for exactly 8 things right now, and you get to hear them:
I am grateful:

1. For libraries and checking out free learning materials for our family to enjoy. I am really into trying out new music lately and love the CD selections. (Currently listening to Jamaican Playground and Songs to Grow On For Mother and Child by Woodie Guthrie)

2. For our Samoan neighbors downstairs. They laugh really loudly a lot, and smile really big and yell, "HI SALLY!" when I see them, and blast their music at all hours, and value their friendships and families. I miss the unconventional, outspokenness of the Polynesian culture, and am grateful that it's somewhat here at our apts right now.

3.That my husband isn't one of the 14,000,000 Americans that is out of work right now.

4. For finding La Leche League 5 years ago and how it has helped shape my mothering knowledge and experience in such a positive way.

5. For answers to prayers. For that gentle nudge you feel when you know you got the answer you need, then you go forward peacefully with what you need to do.

6. For Wendy and Sara, my two friends here in SLC. Last week we went out to lunch and had so much fun talking for literally hours. We don't hang out all the time, but knowing they are here and they are my friends, means more than they know.

7. For knowing that my family is more important than anything else, and for loving and embracing my role as a mother and a housewife. For knowing that I don't have to feel pressure or guilt for doing what I love the most. (I know the pressure is out there full force, but it's no interest of mine to be a part of it. I am happy right where I am and I'm grateful for that!)

8. That God gave me a sense of humor. I find a lot of things funny, things that really shouldn't be funny, are funny. I like to laugh a lot and I'm grateful for that.

That's 8 for being Gr8ful! Have a nice day!

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Dan and Wendy said...

I'm honored to have made the list! I'm so glad we are neighbors! I love seeing your smiling face in person whenever I want!