Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Pile

My worst enemy,
my archrival,
my most infamous nemesis,
worse than Superman's krypronite,
more daunting than a dark, bleak wintry day,
my least favorite domestic chore:
The laundry pile!

Is it just me or does folding clean clothes and putting them away seem like the most tedious, annoying task ever? This is what happens when I try to ignore the laundry pile: it grows bigger.


arianne said...

I AGREE!!! For some reason it is the household task I just really dislike. And folding socks is the worst of it. Ha ha. I'll do the dishes and vacuum and smile all the while. But folding clothes. Grrrr.

Hey, I'm doing a second hand feature thinging on Saturdays on my blog. Will you come link to your stool make over post? I loved that.

Happy Wednesday!


Lauren Wayne said...

Is that your clean or your dirty pile? Because I also always have several of each. I can never seem to put clothes away. I keep thinking maybe my husband will feel inspired one day…

chelsea mckell said...

Simple solution: stop wearing clothes. Then you won't have to wash them!