Saturday, January 8, 2011

Where's baby??

The other night I had dream that Odin was a baby again. I could see his little face next to mine, and we were cuddling in the bed. Then all of a sudden I woke up, picked up Jonah from next to me, and placed him on my chest. In my dreary state of middle-of-the-night disillusionment I thought baby Jonah was Odin, because of my dream. Then I looked over to where Jonah sleeps next to me and panicked because he was gone.
I checked to the right of me and he wasn't there. I checked to the left and he wasn't there. I started to check under the covers by my feet, on the floor next to the bed, up above my pillow. No baby Jonah, anywhere. I was in total panic mode.
I was about hysterical when I woke Micah up yelling,"The babies gone! Help me find the baby!"
Then all of a sudden the disillusioned blurriness disappeared and I realized that the baby on my chest was Jonah. And Odin was the giant child in the toddler bed next to me.

It was such a relief. I couldn't go back to sleep for quite a while because of how scared I had felt. I kept thinking back to that moment when I thought baby Jonah was really gone, and I couldn't shake the fear of it all. (Sorry for the wake up call, honey.) Glad to have all my children safe and well, and grateful each day that they are within hugging distance from me at all times!

Oh sweet baby Odin, you are almost 3 now, and how you have grown!
Here's alittle baby Odin waiting for some grub:

Here's a big Odin holding his favorite Pootie:

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Cassie said...

You must have been really tired. I always have really weird dreams like that when I am tired!
I haven't been online much since I saw you at the park. I have missed a lot on your blog. I am looking forward to blogging again once we get moved. Which will hopefully be in the next few weeks!