Thursday, January 13, 2011


I told Zadok I thought he looked like Anikin Skywalker (you know, the young Darth Vader from the Star wars movies) and his reply was,"Yeah, except I can't make all that cool stuff like him." he he. Someday young Zadikin, someday. Then I asked Zadok if he was going to join the dark side, and he said very emphatically, "NEVER!"
I guess that's where the resemblance ends...thank goodness.
What do you think, do we have a match?


Smiths said...

Hi Mrs. Sally! Don't know if you remember me- Jill Jackson (Smith now). I hope you don't mind me getting to know you and your beautiful family (found you through Ashley Moffats blog). Your little guys are adorable. Good luck staying warm.

Janine said...

Definitely see the resemblance!

redrockmama said...

He toooooootally looks like Anakin!!

chelsea mckell said...