Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I don't know where I come up with the nick names I call our kids throughout the day.
They know what their real names are, but have learned to answer to everything from Pootie, to Odi-wan, to Moosh face, to squishy, to Budgie cakes, to Woodgie smoosh, to whatever pops into my head. Its no wonder they call me "The Big Bootie," and I am starting to answer to it.

Here's a few pictures of my squishy,, smooshy, woodgie faces. I sure love these guys.:
Here's Pootie-poot in the bath. I love this baby. I love his slobbery kisses, his chubby cheeks, his smiles that melt me to pieces. He is my third baby, and such a blessing.

I love taking walks and nursing him. He is my little attachment, my little love.

Here's our little Odi-wan. He is such a clown, and such a dreamer. When I'm busy taking care of the baby I don't have to worry about him being entertained. I'll come find him building a dragon castle or a birds nest out of blankets, or collecting different colored hangers from the closets for fun.

And Budger-smudger, he's almost five years old and real fun to hang out with. He wants to learn how to read and write (sometimes), when he's not busy pretending to be our pet dragon named Sparky. I love his imagination and sense of adventure.

All three boys together, I am one proud Big Bootie.


arianne said...

That is one of your sweetest posts ever. I love the pictures. I love those smoochie faces. Miss you! You should come visit.

redrockmama said...

I love those boys!! Sure miss you guys.

Unknown said...

All I can do is read and smile,smile, smile!!!!!