Sunday, February 6, 2011

musical beds

So what is musical beds? It's when no one ever sleeps where they're supposed to sleep, because everyone else's bed seems more comfortable, more toasty, and more fun. Oh wait, it really means that all the kids end up in the big bed by the end of the night, and we are all somehow squished into this giant, cozy sleepwhich. (that's a sleep sandwich.) And then Micah or I will end up in one of the little beds because we can't sleep with feet in our face.
It's pretty comical, really. We tuck our kids into their beds at night, and then, just like magnets, they are sticking to us by morning. We usually all wake up together in one room, and everyone's smiling. And well, the baby, he's always stuck to me. I couldn't sleep away from him for a million dollars. He is tucked right up by my chest, snuggly and warm. Waking up in the middle of the night to a chubby, yummy smelling baby has been one of the greatest joys of mommyhood. All 3 times.
Here's a photo of a few of us enjoying a morning cuddle (and snack):


Wendy said...

Story of my life!

Unknown said...

Yes, continuing where you left off when you were little. I called it musical beds then too but now you are seeing it from a new angle. hee hee