Monday, February 7, 2011

my Winter calendar

NOVEMBER: Hey look guys, snow! Wooohooo it's snowing! Let's get out the sleds, and warm jackets. Oh boy, it's my favorite gloves and hat! I've missed you, my favorite gloves and hat! C'mon everyone lets' bundle up, run around, and build a big snowman! Weehoo! I LOVE snow!

I sure hope it's a beautiful, white Christmas! I sure love snowflakes and snow angels, hot cocoa, and new warm pajamas! Let's bundle up by the fire, light some candles, and read Wintery poems of romance and whimsical, happy snow-filled places!

It's snowing.......again. I guess we should go sledding, since it's nice out. But it's so stinking cold. I sure wish it wasn't so cold. Well, I guess we'll just stay in because bundling up the kids is so tedious and hard, and I can't find anyone's missing gloves or socks. Geez, that darn cold is making my ears hurt!Let's watch a movie instead.

Stop the fricking snow already! I hate snow. And that stinkin cold air is such a harsh slap in the face. I just want to go outside and feel comfortable, and go for a nice walk without feeling the cold, sting of death on my face. Damn snow is making me crazy. If it snows one more time I swear I'm gonna lose it. If we watch one more movie I'm gonna cry. Do they make anti-depressants just for Winter?


chelsea mckell said...

Ha! I just walked to the mailbox, and a neighbor yelled out, hey, how ya doing? And all I could think to say was, "READY FOR SPRING!"

arianne said...

It's this time of year I throw the kids in the car and head to St. George. Park days. Jackets at most. Palm trees. Love it.

redrockmama said...

Oh, I can so relate! The Hawaiian in you, and the Californian in me...we need our vit d!!!

Rebekah said...

This is just how I feel! And I am learning the sun out here means nothing! It can still be 7 below and the sun is out... Poo on winter.